Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog!

Let me take a minute to explain what this blog is about.

In recent years a community of evidence-based fitness practitioners  has grown on the internet to fight the forces of misinformation that are so pervasive on the internet, in print, on TV, ect. You can find a number of these people under, “rational minds in fitness,” to the right.

Inspired by the epistemic virtues of this cohort, this blog will be a place of discussion on the topics of rationality, cognitive bias, and how they affect beliefs about fitness related topics. Essentially, this blog will be my attempt to be a rational, evidence-based fitness consumer and professional. It’s a perfect time for me to explore such topics as I will soon be returning to school to earn my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology ( I want to go into cardiac rehab). This means I’ll once again have lot’s a free and easy access to full text journal articles (yes!). You won’t find any “abstract arguing” here.

I’ll finish by saying that I do not take myself to have the same level of expertise as the individuals on the right hand side of the page. My ability to accurately access scientific literature is not at the same level as theirs. I look forward to learning how to be a better evidence based practitioner and consumer in the coming months and years, and I would love it if you would follow along with me. Hopefully, with the help of your comments, we’ll learn more together – or, if you think you already know everything, feel free to tell me I am a hopeless moron (as long as you say it nicely).

In other words, I am not, and do not claim to be some great personal trainer/strength coach with years of experience. Nothing in this blog is the advice of an accomplished coach! This is simply my learning blog! I believe writing down my thoughts will lead to much greater retention of information. If it helps you learn something too, then that’s icing on the cake for me!


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