How science is changing

According to a new study, significant individual contributions to science are becoming more and more difficult.

I thought this was an interesting point:

With the publication rate growing by 5.5 percent a year, someone able to read only a certain number of articles a year is seeing his or her “fraction of extant knowledge” decreasing by the same percentage.

The fitness industry has long been one in which “gurus” have a broad base of knowledge about most every aspect of diet & exercise. We are already seeing the affects of increasing knowledge about human physiology contributing to increasing specialization. How do you see this trend going?

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One Comment on “How science is changing”

  1. Kyle Aaron Says:

    I don’t see the trend as affecting sports science much. Firstly because sports science has got less subjects to study than other sciences, because there’s a real rich-poor type of gap in sports and fitness – there’s a minority of very well-trained athletes and an impoverished majority of sedentary people.

    Secondly because there’s such a high turnover in the sports and fitness industry. Chemistry or engineering or whatever have people spend their entire adult careers there, from 18-21 up to 50-65. So the older ones pass on their experience and ideas to the younger ones, there’s a real depth there. You just don’t get that so much in fitness – more in sports, but still.

    Sports will continue to be dominated by a few specialists in those sports, and fitness by enthusiasticn amateurs (as a newish PT, I include myself in this latter) for a long time yet, I think.

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