“Killer new circuit”

Just a random thought today.

Go to youtube or visit one of many personal trainer websites and you’ll find some videos or articles of a “killer new circuit” that will “leave you fried!” or something to that effect.

I’m sure these “killer circuits” are super dooper and everything, but to me they are not interesting. It seems like trainers are just randomly putting together exercises to make themselves seem smart and creative.

But anyone can jumble together random exercises.

A truly creative circuit is like a food recipe. A recipe isn’t just a random collection of ingredients but a symphony in which all the pieces compliment and enhance the others.

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3 Comments on ““Killer new circuit””

  1. Kyle Aaron Says:

    It’s answering client demand, not client need. Some clients are only happy if they’re brought to the edge of nausea and dizziness. Thus Crossfit WODs.

    Part of it is the plain old desire to eat whatever you want then exercise it off (aka “spinning your wheels”), but a lot of it some sort of Catholic self-punishment thing. “I ate cheesecake and am fat, therefore must suffer horribly.”

    A client given a lot of rest time is a client you’ll see the back of soon, in many cases.

    • epistemefitness Says:

      I definitely agree with you about the mindset of some clients, Kyle.

      I would liken many of these “killer new circuits” to supplements. When they are new everyone wants to try them out but after a little while no one will remember anything about them.

      Of course, I have more respect for the circuits than supplements as the circuits really will give you a hard workout, as advertised. I’m just bored with trainers trying to pass randomness for creativeness.

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