I absolutely love Mark Rippetoes books Starting Strength and Practical Programming for Strength Training. (Amazon affiliate links)

That’s why I was so disappointed in Mark when Alan Aragon exposed him as being brotastic. Also, he exposes some dude on Mark’s board named John.

Apparently, neither Mark nor John like to use peer reviewed research to learn about nutrition.

Here’s my take.

If you don’t want to use scientific literature to learn about nutrition, then fine, that’s your business. If you think you have discovered a method that gets you and your clients the results that you want then great for you. It’s certainly possible to do so and many have. Just think about all the old time strong men who got amazing results before anyone knew hardly anything about nutrition science. However, if that’s the position you want to take then don’t make a single claim about WHY your method works, only that it does.

Alan quotes John as saying:

Separate your carbs and fats. In each meal, you will have a portion of protein in addition to either carbs or fats, but not both. In the earlier half of the day, your meals should be Protein + Carb (P/C) in order to fill your muscle glycogen stores for your athletic activities. Later in the day (afternoon to evening, depending on your individual metabolism), when you are more sedentary, your meals should be Protein + Fat (P/F). Since carbs produce an insulin response, removing the carbs at this time will decrease the likelihood that you will store your excess calories as fat. Your final meal of the day should be *only* protein. Also, your PWO meal, regardless of what time of the day it is, must be a P/C meal.

So, now I have some questions. If John doesn’t believe in looking at the scientific literature, how does he know, “Protein + Carb (P/C)… fill your muscle glycogen stores…” Or that, “carbs produce an insulin response?” Furthermore, why is producing an insulin response bad? In order to say why (assuming, for the sake of argument, that it really is bad) you would have to make claims about knowledge that comes from peer reviewed science.

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something.

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    awesome blog dude!!!

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