6 weeks to a plateau? Not so much

I just noticed this article on yahoo: 8 workout mistakes you probably make.

According to the article, mistake #5 is not varying the types of workouts. It states:

Sticking to the same routine for more than six weeks will cause your body to hit a plateau and you’ll no longer see the changes you saw at the beginning of your program. Your body, believe it or not, likes to be shocked, and putting it through new and challenging exercises is the best way to surprise it and wake it up…

It continues by stating, “Make sure you vary frequency, intensity and repetitions.”

It’s not that I have a problem with variation, per say, it’s just that it’s not true that you plateau after 6 weeks. As I noted in my last post, Narici et al used the same exercises, along with the same rep and set scheme for 6 months straight. The participants in the study seen gains in strength and hypertrophy for 6 months straight.

Some myths just never seem to die…


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